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FWS-BLOG: cross border accounting and audit issues

Monday, October 11th, 2010 is a platform for specialized auditors and accountants, as well as other professional in the sphere of border crossing accounting and audit issues and non-profit accounting. The site is supported by FWS GmbH. The firm is registered in Germany.


Articles might be submitted to We recommend that potential authors first read some articles in the archive. Because of fws-blog readers come from different organizations and professions, articles should address a topic from several angles. You can focus on practical situations as well as theoretical problems.


In deciding whether to publish an article, fws-blog will consider whether the material is original, timely and technically sound. fws-blog accepts drafts with a length of maximum 1,500 words. Please do not use footnotes or endnotes. If you use abbreviations, you should explain them. Please also submit  telephone and e mail addresses of persons that you have quoted.


Please take care that the article is not published by other publishers. For this end, you must submit your material on an exclusive basis. By submitting your article, you also agree, that within one month after the submittance, you cannot suggest your article to other publishers.


After the acceptance of your article, you are not allowed to publish your article (or substantially similar material) at another publisher.


Authors must disclose upon submission their financial ties to the subjects of the article and potential conflicts of interest.

Authors must include a short biography, including title, academic and professional credentials, e mail and mailing address.

Opinions of authors do not necessarily coincidence with the opinions of the makers of fws-blog and the hosting firm, FWS. FWS does not take legal responsibility for the correctness of information in the submitted articles. In particular, we do not take responsibility for any damage that might be caused by information included in the submitted articles and comments.