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Monday, November 17th, 2014

This blog is now four years old and has a pool of 32 articles to its credit. Data from our Google+ account show traffic of about 500 to 600 readers of the blog.  During all these years we received some very encouraging and appreciating comments. But having said this, I used to feel the relationship between me and the readers a bit remote. This encouraged me to think of something that minimize this virtual gap and hence a question ‘Why not to create a Transnational Network of Auditors?’. This was my way to a international network. Others had other approaches. As a result ‘EMPACTA’ was born.

‘EMPACTA’ is a brain child of 10 auditors/audit firms from different parts of the World. On the 2nd Day of December 2013 in Istanbul, an Association of International Auditors was created. The association was registered in Berlin, Germany, a board was elected (in which I have the honor to serve as Chairman, together with Sohail Hafeez from Lahore), statutes were drafted, website ( was made and till date it already has 17 members from 17 countries from almost every continent. So much so we already had 2nd EMPACTA Annual Conference in Bernried, Germany on 22 – 23 October 2014. In the last year, we were busy with the organizational setup; and this explains also a bit (alongside with my inherent laziness and the prosaic economic necessities) the lack of continuity of this blog.

EMPACTA was founded on a mission statement highlighting the communicative approach between audit and accounting. It is unique in a way that it has a Trans-national Approach. There are no boundaries or territories. It will play a role in forming an international profession with shared values.  EMPACTA calls itself an “Association of International Auditors”. In a sense, this extension of the name is very pragmatic. This EMPACTA Approach will help in overcoming the problems of Transnational Audits and will also provide a food for thought for discussions regarding communicative aspects of auditing and accounting.

EMPACTA is formed with a vision of collective wisdom, to discuss further that what Auditing and Accounting means or will mean in this rapidly evolving world. As a Chairman of EMPACTA, I would like to invite you all to come and discuss about EMPACTA Approach and many other different points of cooperation that we can have.

Firms have a profit interest; associations should serve to more altruistic aims. Thus, it seems to me logical, that this blog should move to the EMPACTA website, isn´t it? Probably, the setting should be a bit different: This is then already the competence of EMPACTA. With this I would like to say: Good bye FWS-BLOG.COM, hello EMPACTA.ORG. See you soon on !

Frank Fabel, CPA (inactive), MA